Business Owners Meeting

The Meeting Exclusively for Water Treatment Company Owners

Our theme this year is Intentional Growth. What does it mean to view—and run—your company like a financial asset? How is your company valued and how can you increase that value? Do you and your team have the right mindset to achieve your objectives? Speakers will provide practical advice to help AWT leaders and owners clarify your leadership role and how you want it to evolve over time. Other topics will include a focus on how human resources professionals can help grow your company, “driving your company’s vehicle decisions,” and building a brand strategy to enables your company’s marketing to work at its highest level.

This Business Owners Meeting is designed to give you important tools to move your company ahead of the restIt is an opportunity to get out of the day-to-day grind, step back, and develop new approaches to help your company intentionally grow in the future.


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